Jóhan Martin Christiansen

Jóhan Martin Christiansen

Contact:         Værkstedvej 55a

                     2500 Valby

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                     +45 41 26 94 12   (DK phone)

                     +298 25 68 05      (FO phone)



TVÆRSNIT (Cross-section) / SSS-biennalen 2020 

Ærø, Denmark, June 1 - September 1, 2020

Group show curated by Kinna Poulsen

North Atlantic House, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 2020 - February 2021

Speaking in Tongues, duo show with Hansina Iversen
Møstings Hus, Copenhagen, Denmark, November 14 - December 20, 2020



What we remember and know is rooted in matter. In and with our bodies we carry memories of the time before us. The sensation of belonging to some place or material, being (of) a material in constant relocation a.k.a I am the material. Craving your indulgence, let’s call it the ontology of materials. My works are mainly born out of the interplay between the inherent associations and connotations of meanings and materials, for example light cardboard and textiles versus heavy plaster and iron. In my pieces I try to link palimpsest-like associations manoeuvring, mixing and merging them into each other in sometimes meaningful outputs but mostly as odd associations weaving threads—twisting fibre on fibre. This manifest in physical sculptures but also video works including texts juggling meaning and translation between languages, i.e. Faroese, Danish, English. Language labyrinths or languages as folds. The fold as a mirror where the distant and the present meet and resonate with the body and memories we drag along us. I my artistic thinking and work I don't see a division between thought and praxis, both are part of the same processes—form, material and content are interchangeable and part of the same choreography. A navigation into dark landscapes.


On the one hand, my pieces are marked by the formal method, straight on and hard, no strings attached. Material is material is material. But if I toss the coin there is a glimpse of the other side, like a Janus head gazing in the other direction. The pieces suddenly resemble something, perhaps a wave, a person, a weapon, miming landscapes, an icon by Andrei Rublev, glimpses from film history and poetry, sci-fi, the baroque and so forth. The work as foggy landscapes with messy horizons and inverted perspectives, hidden faces like icons—mediators between spheres materializing the absent form. This is my current point of departure.


I don't differentiate between one material or approach in favour over the other, I enjoy working in a blurry field of many inputs and outputs emphasizes a re-animation of forgotten layers of meanings in our body and language, what some would call gibberish, but exactly by bringing various perspectives, languages, experiences together something new can grow out. There is always a risk in work like this, but what is most important is to bring new things, strange things—gifts—to the table, to collect and carry each other’s thoughts, ideas emotions, shapes, objects carefully, mindfully, fearlessly and together seeking visions and the potential in the unknow.


December 2019



Jóhan Martin Christiansen  

Born 1987, Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands

Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

Artistic education

2009-14         Bachelor / Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts, Malmö Art Academy, Sweden

Scelected exhibitions

2019              Always Coming Home, G! festival, Gøta, the Faroe Islands

2018              Lonely Hearts, Listahøllin, Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands (with Hansina Iversen)

                     Resonans, Pop-Up Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark

                     Cast Away, Galleri Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

                     Face of Another, Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016              SPOR, National Gallery of the Faroe Islands (solo)

                     Rainfall, Goya Curtain, Tokyo, Japan

2015              [UDEN TITEL 15], Kunsthal NORD, Aalborg, Denmark

                     The Hot Show, Galleri Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen, Denmark

                     Group show, Galleri Arnstedt, Östra Karup, Sweden

2014              LIGHTGREEN, DAYDREAM, EYESHADOW, KHM Gallery, Malmö, Sweden

                     (MFA udstilling, solo)

                     FAREWELL, 427, Riga, Latvia

2012              Crazy, Zig-Zag ~ About the Understanding of Space and on the Matters of My

                     Latest Lover, R 

                     HENNINGSENgallery, Copenhagen, Denmark (solo)

2011              Self-Portrait in Very Dark, FIFTH FLOOR, Copenhagen, Denmark (solo)

2009              Authentic Forgeries, KHM Gallery, Malmö, Sweden

Scelected books and articles

2018              Resonans, text by Anna Holm, published in conection with exhibition with same title,

                     Pop-Up Contemporary, Copenhagen (Danish / English)

                     Når livet gir deg sitroner, Mariann Enge, Kunstkritikk, March 6 (Norwegian)    


                     Lonely Hearts, texts by Kinna Poulsen, Hansina Iversen & Jóhan Martin Christiansen, 

                     published in conection with exhibition with same title, Tórshavn (Faroese / English)

2016              SPOR, texts by Nils Ohrt, Kim Simonsen & Maria Kappel Blegvad, National Gallery of the Faroe Islands  

                     (Faroese / Danish / English)

                     Ti spørgsmål: Jóhan Martin Christiansen, Maria Bordorff, Kunstkritikk,September 9 (Danish)


2015              Desembermorgun, poems by Kim Simonsen & images by Jóhan Martin Christiansen,

                     Mentanargrunnur Studentafelagsins, Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands (Faroese)

2014              DRESS, texts by Kinna Poulsen, Maria Bordorff, Jóhan Martin Christiansen & Rannva Kunoy, 

                     published in conection with exhibition with same title, Steinprent, Tórshavn 

                     (Faroese / Danish / Egnlish)

2012              OBJECT THIS PICTURE, tekst af Carl Martin Faurby, redigeret af Søren Bjørn, Copenhagen,



2011              Tag en tur med i pløret, Michael Jeppesen, Dagbladet Information, 16. september (Danish)


Sceleted stipends

2018              Work grant, the Faroese Culture Foundation (Mentanargrunnur Landsins)

2017              Work grant, the Danish Art Foundation (Statens Kunstfond)

                     Listaflog, Atlantic Airways Art Grant (with Hansina Iversen, Lonely Hearts)

2016              Work grant, the Danish Art Foundation (Statens Kunstfond)

                     Work grant, the Faroese Culture Foundation (Mentanargrunnur Landsins)            

2014              Eva och Hugo Bergmans Memory Foundation, Sweden (Konstakademien)

Public work and collections

                     Comissioned work for Glasir, gymnasium in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands (2018)

                     Danish Art Foundation (Statens Kunstfond) (2017)

Other selectet activities

2019              Jury member, Norddok, The Danish Film Institute

2016 -            Board member, art steering group for new hospital (H-building) in Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands

2016 -            Board member, the Council of Faroese Artists (Listafólkasamband Føroya)


Scelected works 2011 - 2019

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